Thursday, February 11, 2010

why make it strong, to break it once again?

obv, my cheeks are as chubby as ever =(

is it just me? or do most dresses loose their magic after the first 3 times?
hunt for a birthday dress = on on on

Saturday, February 6, 2010

tetratype analysis

had the big long genetics exam today
so please do excuse my face
sleep hasnt bee much of a friend lately
but, finally got to go to the gym today after a week of no show
and watched real housewifes of new jersey?
AMAZING show, soo much drama

lol how awkward to have your boy roomate walk in on you taking pictures of yourself
sorry tim

since everyones making a huge deal out of the aritzia sale
i had to check it out after my exam today
unfortunately, the london store is sparse on selection,
but i did manage to pick up two things
there was this other, amazing feeling 100% silk shirt for $40, but it didnt fit wonderful
chances are though, i'll probably work myself up into a frenzy and go back to get it
also found a great pair of jeans, too bad it was too big

i frequently tend to like the back of my outfits more then the front
maybe its a subconscious hint to myself

Monday, February 1, 2010

so starstruck, baby could you blow my heart up?

i should really be doing my gazillion assignments instead
esp since im at the library, and anyone walking by seeing this is, slightly awkwad

Somebody decided to come up last weekend out of no where
so after dragging him to get shoes, i dragged him to the library

after which he dragged me out
i'll put pictures of the outfit up soon

even though i decided to not really celebrate, i somehow ended up with 3 cakes!
with no time to go to the gym until wednesday earliest, i am feeling like a piece of lard
delicious though =)

i also got some lovely presents, including:
- a coach slingpurse from my mo m
- a bag of organic baby carrots from my roommate (i really like carrots)
- an ant trap for my room from my landloard/roomate (im sorta suffering from a minor ant invasion)

amazing birthday!
still cant wait to party it up during reading week though =)