Monday, August 30, 2010

you want the good life? you can have it all

view of the city

view of the island

reading my book

i tried to match the umbrellas

[romper - uo; bracelets - ardenes; sandals & tote - gap; bikini - h&m]

he wanted to throw me in to test it out

view of the city

arizona jones, he talked a lot

dinner at frans


they're coming!

can't believe how quickly summer is trickling to an end
the past four months felt like forever and the blink of an eye, all at once
like i've mentioned, it was an amazing summer filled with great people, great opportunities, and lots of exploring
i'm definitely sad to see it go
summer's my favorite season
and i dread to start prepping my wardrobe for the fall season
to put things into perspective
my summer to cold weather wardrobe ratio is about 2:1
and summer here in Canada lasts about 1/4 of the year
also, I haven't seriously worn jeans in about 3 months

with the temperature making its last stand this weekend,
finally visited the much talked about sugar beach
and i have to say, its absolutely adorable
the beach had ample super clean lounge chairs and great umbreallas for shade
(i got to tan my body while keeping my face nice and shady)
the sand felt a little different, and i thought it looked like the cookie batter mixture with only a teeny bit of wet ingredients
i also loved its location and proximity to everything
and to be honest, i dont care much for access to lake ontario water anyways
would definitely recommend !

also managed to visit the annual busker fest this weekend
i'd heard about the charitable festival in previous years
but never really understood what it was
so my first visit was definitely eye opening
basically a festival for street performers,
performances pretty much happen on the spot without much of a schedule
i managed to see quite a few interesting acts
but i gotta say my favourite was these crazy dinosaur looking things
it was hard to get a clear picture of them as they moved quite a lot
and the boy had to explain what they were to me:
guys on stilts wearing big dinosaur costumes!
bet you didnt guess that either

next weekend i'll be making the trek back to london for a new year of school
to be honest i'm scared shitless about the new year
without going too much into details about it
i'll be making the big jump from a large science program to a selective business school with a very different style of teaching
and i'm hugely nervous about my ability to adapt
at the same time, new ventures are definitely exciting

until then, i'll be squeezing out every last drop of summer!

Thursday, August 26, 2010


[tank - f21; shirt - club monaco; flower shorts - fcuk, necklace - aldo]

sunflower from farmer's market at nathan phillips square
beef sliders from oliver & bonacinni


set & program for sexual perversity in chicago

i've been filling my days with a whole lot of chilling and nothing lately, and i've been loving it
i've never had so much fun

some pictures from last week
i have a HUGE thing for oysters
but the boy has always been very skeptical about it
nevertheless, i pressured him to trying some during our visit to the o&b on king street
and obviously he loveeed it (well, so he says. he lies sometimes)
then i found out about the $1 oysters at biffs, and seriously, i'm so so there

went to a very low key play last week
i'm pretty sure it was put on in the back part of a convenience store
and the street listed was actually more of an alley
but it was absolutely amazing
although it didnt have the fancy frills of big productions
i loved the intimacy of the small set
the play was titled sexual perversity in Chincago and was written by david mamet
it was pretty much about relationships and the different ways guys and girls view sex
definitely hilarious, although i dont think i was anywhere near deep enough to understand the undertones and such

summer's coming to a closer right before my eyes
and after spending two days finding nothing to do with the boy
now my head's filled with things i want to do (rock climbing, picnic on the island)
and places i want to visit (v&s, sugar beach, guu again, oysters @ biffs or rodneys, etc)
 before im back to western next weekend
summer has been absolutely wonderful, but has definitely passed way too fast

my plans for the coming days include finally seeing eat pray love with my mom
hopefully crossing some of those things off my list
getting some dessert
and the long awaited for garden party with the girls

Thursday, August 19, 2010

the other half's luck

joey's at shops at don mills

bacon cheeseburger with fries


[blouse - wilfred; skirt - bcbg; belt - moschino; heels - aldo; accessories - various] 

new level of bathroom pictures

had dinner with some lovely ladies at a restaurant called Joey's at shops at don mills
they had this lobster brie grilled cheese sandwich that i'm seriously regretting not getting, and am seriously currently craving
love times like this with the girls, and really hope for more before summer's over

i've been out browsing quite a bit
but i havent really been excited by shopping
nevertheless, i purchased this amazing pair of heels that i've got my eyes on since the beginning of summer from aldo
will show you when they arrive
i seriously should purchase more practical, cold weather pieces
but winter just doesnt excite me

i also came across this bag on sale at uo
it's so completely different from what i usually go for
but it was just so interesting that i had to buy it
not sure if i'll keep it yet

Monday, August 16, 2010

duck rabbit

[pocket tank - gap body; skirt - talula aritzia; belt - vintage thrift; sandals - gap; sunglasses - hugo boss; bracelets & necklaces - tiffanys, netherlands, gifted]

probably some mix of zara and diesel 

so attractive

wilderness explorer!

we had to use the park bench and some branches as a tripod

discovering the joys of macro (yes im about 50 years late)

smoked salmon and capers bruschetta

hand rolled strozzapreti with rosemary lamb ragout

oven baked ricotta and roasted garlic gnochi

after eight and fruits of the forest gelato from the mad italian on bayview

spent a gorgeous Saturday out with the boy
i've been really busy failing the MCAT lately, and so it was nice to finally spend some time with him
we were originally contemplating a zoo visit, but the toronto zoo is actually way more expensive than either of us anticipated
instead we:
- relaxed at the gorgeous Edward's gardens and creeped on couples taking their wedding pictures (kay that was mostly me)
- drove around and got lost looking at super huge houses on bridle path
- spent some time with books at chapters. i picked up the girl with the dragon tattoo, and am very excited to check it out. also, has anyone ever seen the children's book duck rabbit? best children's book ever!
- enjoyed a fantastic dinner at O&B at Bayview village. The restaurant is sometimes hit and miss with me, but this visit was definitely a hit.
- tried 5 different gelato flavors (mango, lime, fruits of the forest, after eight, and white chocolate) from the mad italian on bayview. delishh

i'm a bit of a hysterical drama queen sometimes,
and when i get caught up with an idea, i tend to get obsessed and express that misdirected energy somewhat negatively
in other words, its kinda hard to date me sometimes
so i'm pretty appreciative of the boy's ability to ignore my craziness and stick around
and i was especially surprised with this little gift on Saturday.
it was entirely unexpected and much much appreciated

i've been terrible at updating lately
and my blog is collecting proverbial ashes
i'll do better i promise
i'm also hoping to revamp it a little, get it ready for fall
hopefully that wont take me too long