Thursday, June 21, 2012

color story

[pants-f21, shoes-aldo, hat - gap, seaglass necklace- Puerto rico] 

scored these pants a long time ago during one of those exam time f21 binges that became so popular in London
i fell in love with the colour and patterns immediately but was really unsure if i could pull them off
now that i've worn them to my very physically demanding retail job, i'm even more in love
super comfy and easy to wear, they're my new summer sweats !

Saturday, June 2, 2012

all of my change i spent on you

esprit shirt, club monaco skirt, moschino belt, aldo shoes, t&co bracelets

with entry into the adult world becoming increasingly eminent
ive become more conscious of the need to start putting together a work wardrobe
although really a bit too short for any proper business casual situations (after work drinks?)
this skirt is an absolute favourite of mine
although delicate and somewhat tricky to take care of
the skirt is made of a satisfyingly thick material and is perfectly structured
solid classic to build a wardrobe around, no?

Thursday, May 24, 2012


dress - cm; scarf - cm; shoes - aldo, belt - joe fresh; sunnies - ray bans; accessories - assorted 

took these a sweltering afternoon, after overdosing on coffee
any "glow" on my face, really is just sweat
although sweating really isnt my favourite,
i'm loving this summer heat
hope everyone's enjoying the beautiful weather !

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

the people we used to be

some of my favourites <3 
hat - gap; dress - urban outfitters; shoes - h&m; bag - marc by marc jacobs; bangle - bimba&lola; accessories - assorted 

tide & vine - fresh seafood; caplanskys - deli food with a twist, hanks's bbq - bbq specialties  

risotto rice balls, bbq pulled chicken slider, toasted ravioli, smoked meat poutine 
lumber jack grilled cheese - with apples & smoked bacon, one of the day's favourites 
oysters, reuben spring rolls 
fish tacos, another favourite 
pulled pork parfait, mint lemonade 

spent part of the gorgeous long weekend with some of my favourite girls at the "food truck eats" festival down at the peller estate winery in niagara falls
the day couldn't have been more perfect; weather & company wise
i've grown up with these girls and honestly can't imagine life without them
forever thankful to have such amazing people in my life <3

Friday, May 18, 2012

all that counts is here and now




top-aritzia, pants - h&m, necklace - h&m 

wore this simple summer outfit out to dinner with some school friends the other day
although hard to tell, the pants are a refreshing pale shade of mint
to be honest, i had a hard time trying to figure what colour to pair with the pants besides basic white
and ended up pinteresting "colorblocking mint", et voila!
this is pretty much why im addicted to pinterest

summer weather has really crept up on me while i was doing my week long end of year hibernation, and now i find that i want to spend every available second outside in the beautiful weather
i also just noticed how pale ive gotten !
good thing summer's here!

having an amazing long weekend everywhere! for once i have some pretty exciting plans & really can't wait to catch up with some loves!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

restaurant review: grand electric

seasonal menu

kitschy decor

beef cheek, baja fish, spicy arbol chicken, and pork belly tacos

beef cheek taco, my fav!

ensaladelle electrico - it had coke reduction dressing!

tuna ceviche

giant churro

my man friend is a bit of a hipster foodie
so to celebrate his big 2-5
we went to the very hipster, very foodie Grand Electric in Parkdale, Toronto

Grand Electric is one of those restaurants that makes you feel special for having found the place and scored a seat -- arriving at 5:50 on a saturday saw a line of about 40 people waiting for the restaurant to open
firmly holding a no reservations policy, the waitlist allows a phone number to hold your spot instead of having to physically wait in line
smart policy since the wait was promised to be about 2 hours, there is absolutely no place to wait inside the teeny restaurant, and parkdale (despite the scenic name) is still on the other side of beautification and doesnt offer much in terms of time-wasting browsing

surprisingly in light of the hype surrounding grand electric, it turned out to be one of those restaurants that promises nothing and delivers beyond expectation
first good sign: the wait was only about an hour
second good sign: the prices were really reasonable

the food turned out to be somewhat spectacular
after watching all those food truck shows on foodnetwork, what grand electric served was what i imagined a really gourmet food truck would offer
my favourite was the beefcheek taco and tuna ceviche, both of which i strongly recommend
all the items we tried were packed full of flavour, super fresh, and surprisingly filling
(only deviation is the fish taco, which isnt the most flavorful of the bunch)
overall, i quite enjoyed the unassuming atmosphere and attentive service

Grand Electric
1330 Queen St West, Toronto M6K 1L4
(416) 627 - 3459
$70 dinner for two with deers, dessert, tax, and tip
note: no credit cards, but they do accept debit

Monday, May 14, 2012

mother's day

french toast with cinnamon and apples 
nothing like flowers to brighten up a room 

red wine chocolate cake with mascarpone cheese topping, recipe here

with the perspective afforded by age, i've come to understand and appreciate my mom more and more
above all else, i see more and more the sacrifices that she's made to provide me with a better future
to the strongest woman i know, and to all the mothers out there

happy mothers day!