Sunday, June 5, 2011

ballerina aspirations

canada's national ballet school

celia franca: founder and former artistic director

old & new

lozinski house

patio for rent

original havergal college campus, now the academic building

Doors open toronto is something i look forward to every year
however, sleeping in on saturday mornings is something i look forward to every day of the week
so sadly i only managed to visit one building this year

growing up in a predominantly british environment
i had long held a fascination for ballerinas and the ballets
my dreams pretty much accumulated with a few years of classes when i was younger
but i never had the determination to commit to learning pointe
when i saw that the national ballet school of canada was on the list for doors open this year
and the amazing building it was housed in
the school was on top of my list
and consequently the only place i visited

the ballet school hosted guided tours around their gorgeous facilities
which had undergone a multi-million dollar renovation in the 2000s
it was fascinating to learn that even their floors had been carefully constructed to best support a growing dancer's body
we also came across associate level classes in the light filled studios (many of them had an entire wall of windows)

the school hosts three distinct programs:
- the professional program, which requires yearly auditions and trains highschool aged dancers for a life in a professional ballet company
- the associate program, which requires auditions but is more extracurricular
- the adult program, which is open for anyone interested of all ages

so what do you think?
should i rekindle my childhood dreams and enroll in some adult programs?


sunday in the park

[romper - f21; belt - h&m; flats - aldo; hat - gap; purse - coach; jewelry - assorted] 

abundance of weddings around queen and university

talented & adorable kid street band. so brave!

queen west on a gorgeous summer day; love the crowds!

cupcake specialty shop


delicious fish and chips

impromptu picnic in the park

chocolate coconut?

key lime pie love


abundance of bikes and puppies

trinity bellwoods park 

after a pretty abysmal month of rain
the sun finally came out for a day mid may
of course i grabbed the chance for a stroll downtown
one of my favourite things to do on a relaxing summer day

quite a few couples had the amazing foresight to book their weddings for that day
and we came across about four wedding parties within one block
of course i tried to stare at the wedding dresses and bridesmaid attires as discreetly as possible

i first ducked into duffet pastries for a snack to tide me over until dinner time
but the bf had the genius idea of taking our goodies to the park for the picnic we've always talked about but never got around to doing (once in a while he does have a good idea or two) 
so along the way to trinity bellwoods we accumulated more food
and i got a chance to satisfy my fries craving and check out the well deserved hype around chippys*

while untraditional, the picnic was very enjoyable
there's something magical about eating outside that just makes everything more tasty
although next time i will definitely buy some fabric from one of those stores on spadina to use as a blanket

i've been completely addicted to rompers lately and have been accumulating them en mass
i wrestled between loving and hating the pattern of this one for a long time before i finally bit the bullet and bought the thing
and now im totally in love
the only thing to make it more perfect would've been a sweetheart neckline

hope everyone's having a phenomenal june so far!

893 Queen St. West
Be prepared to be overwhelmed by the amount of choice offered. A variety of fish is offered, and scallops and shrimps are also on the menu. A huge variety of dipping sauces are also available. Do give yourself a bit of time to wait for your order though, as all fish are coated and deep fried to order.

Woodlot Restaurant & Bakery

freshly baked pumpernickel bread with butter

individually baked onion soup with caraway rye and gruyere

potato salad with whitefish

farm fresh handmade egg tagliatelle tosssed with slivers of pork  

chop of whey-fed pork with caramelized apple 

had a belated celebration for the boyfriend at the much hyped Woodlot Restaurant and Bakery
Woodlot opened earlier this year to much buzz and reservations are extremely hard to come by if you want to book for a normal eating time
however, they reserve communal bench seats and spaces at the bar for walk ins
so after a few futile trys at a reservation,
we took our chances, went in on an early tuesday evening
and immediately got a seat at the bar

the restaurant is relaxed and a bit hipster
so suits are absolutely not necessary
(but not out of place on a weeknight)

the bar area was sunken and a bit removed from the rest of the restaurant
so we didn't notice the huge wood burning oven until a while after being seated
nevertheless, the cheerful flames added a decidedly warm feel to the atmosphere

being seated at the bar, we had the advantage of getting immediate service from the bartender instead of having to wait for a waiter, so its hard for me to comment upon the speed of their service
our drinks were obviously made in front of us
and our appetizers came right away
however, the mains required a bit of a wait
which the bartender compensated by keeping us well stocked of fresh bread

i'm a huge fan of soup, and the onion soup was quite good with strong flavor
however, one draw back with the massive amounts of crutons inside
if your'e a slow eater (like me), then they are prone to getting soggy

the potato salad with whitefish was delicious
tender and flavourful
definitely recommended

my least favourite dish was the tagliatelle i ordered
although quite rich, the over-saltyness masked all other flavours
the pork was also overcooked and a bit hard
overall, the except for the tender fresh pasta, i wouldn't have rated this dish any better than the ones i make for myself

on the other hand,
the whey fed pork was absolutely delicious
the pork was fall off the bone tender
and the apple provided a nice sweet complement
the trick is to take the pork and apple in one bite
interestingly, the apple by itself was a bit bitter

overall, i would rate my experience at woodlot as enjoyable but not worth the hype

woodlot restaurant and bakery
293 Palmerston (college and palmerston)
dinner for two with drinks and no dessert: roughly $100