Tuesday, July 28, 2009

shot me out the sky

bbq on sat, despite all the ridiculous rain

harborfront on suday with r
got rained on =[,
but it was kinda nice anyways

first there was a bee
bzz, bzz

then someone maliciously took a big chomp
and off with its head =[

then its butt

and now its dead
poor bee

Saturday, July 25, 2009

imma be your fuse, boom

my lovely mother has some good stuff stashed away
who knew
time to start packingg

but before that? work!

no i dont know why im scheduled wednesday - sunday
no, i cant make it

got the cutesst bras a while ago
but no idea how to wear it
option #1? not too successful
i passed out and slept for 5 hours right after the attempt

bought new foundation and mascara from sephora today
hopefully theyre good
thanks sephora girl for helping me find the right foundation =)
credit card tab so far? 130

quick bbq tomorrow
plus mad packing

ps: sorry for stealingn your picture as my main fee, i'll put a watermark on it soon =)

this is dedicated to..

maybe i'll try writing something now that legit people are reading this
lol, luff you girls

new aritzia shirt
way too much for me to spend on a shirt
but so friggin worth it
i've only worn it once but i love it already
requires a bit more work to put together then i previously thought
but what the hell, time i get off my lazy ass
plus its 100% silk and doesn't die in the rain
trust me, i tried ; )

had small dinner with the girls at o&b
it wasnt as good as i remembered last time, but the place was still way pretty
imma miss you ladies so much when im gone to china =[
i feel like im getting exhiled or something

Monday, July 20, 2009