Thursday, November 26, 2009

somebody told me

fabulous weekend in toronto
got to see all the girlies, and ppl that i never get to see anymore

tees dinner @ moxies (yes i wear this shirt a lot shh)

curtis's house party

"they cook faster if you put them horizontally!"

new shoesssss!

just before we went out. forgot to get him to take a picture of me in my dress =( boo


prob last weekend in toronto until after exams
unless i crack and come back next weekend.

prob wont have much to blog about, therefore no more updates for a while?
good luck on finals everyone <3

Sunday, November 8, 2009

and i'll be waiting for you right there

i absolutely LOVE this jacket on the left
ive never really been the leather jacket type
but lately i've been kinda reconsidering it

i realized to day that my need to shop is getting critical =(
i have nothing to wear
toronto here i come!

like a rollercoaster ride

i love halloween =)
as tired as i was after 7 hours of exams
it was still way fun
must put more thoughts into costumes next year!

Monday, November 2, 2009

how youre making me feel

tim's birthday, two weeks ago
hope you had a happy 19th!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

happy fall!

nothing like thanksgiving to make me feel the full effect of the impending christmas season
i'll try to hold off the christmas songs till after halloween though
its way too cold and wet outside
but that just makes me appreciate being inside way more
which is good, on account of i'll be stuck inside for the next month on midterms
sadly, wont be back to toronto again till prob at least nov 14

thank goodness it was a good weekend though
got to see the girls (although would've liked to spend more time with you lovelies)
shop some more
and eat ridiculous amounts
sadly, no pictures at all
i always do this, bring my camera and never remember to take it out =(

just some old pictures,
anything new would prob involve me in sweats putting on more sweats


Sunday, September 27, 2009

call pizza pizza @ 911911

im pretty sure i told my friend the number for pizza pizza was 911911
im pretty sure he called
im pretty sure they called back

finally finished my application form for today
5 more to go!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

pull me back to the ground again

have missed all you girls entirely too much
wishes i was back in toronto =(
sorry for the lack of updates lately, mom has my better camera, and everything has just been so busy lately
plus my rant blog has been getting overworked
i still have a gazillion application forms to deal with, but this is more important =)

lol in case any one was wondering if im starving
not quite, im pulling through =)

two recent purchases
not sure if i should keep them yet, esp in sight of my ginormous visa bill
any opinions?

love you girls and miss you lots <333
cant wait for thanksgiving!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

love in vain

finally moved in and all that
already feels like i've been here forever
miss the city and all you lovelies very very much though
and so sad to be missing out on tiff =(

first day of classes today!
had only one class, business, and its already seeming way intense
we have assignments like every day, midterm on HALLOWEEN, and a feasibility study where we have to invent up a company
and thats only one class,
since my goal is to focus harder on school, i really wanna start early and keep on top of things

was way way homesick last night, but whatever, i'll figure it out
lol honestly dont know how to do this long distance thing =(

porchclimb tomorrow, and not sure what else for the weekend
exciting to see everyone again!

the shelves

my bathroom, where light bulbs blow out for no reason

a little messy already

Thursday, September 3, 2009

something that are left unknown

so i have a problem
as in i need to pick btw two blazers and return one

please excuse my face

nothing like your neighbourhood ...

finally picked up my school year planner/agenda
and i LOVE LOVE agendas
too bad the covers kinda bland
chapters had the cutest one, but their pages weren't lined
and i obviously cant write straight

went to the beach yesterday and got SUPER TANNED
like unbelievably tanned
now i have gross tan lines
id take a picture and show you guys
but then it be me naked

went to sushi after
and who do we find at much music?
wtfs stereos you ask?
well, we didnt know either
(which made me feel super old btw)
but its that little band with that duop duop song?
summer girl?
yeah you feel old too now dont you

too fucking much food

but we (he) finished it all!

omgosh STEREO!

saw time travellers wife today
so super sad
but not my favourite movie
it was kinda confusing
and kinda weird
but still nice

busy days comming up
with moving and all that
september is always kinda sad

but before that
girls night out tomorrow!
although i have nothing to wear
but who cares, i'll just wear nothing =)

btw is it just me, or is f21 stuff always just a bit off?
like it looks so nice on the hanger
but something about it just doenst fit right?