Saturday, July 25, 2009

imma be your fuse, boom

my lovely mother has some good stuff stashed away
who knew
time to start packingg

but before that? work!

no i dont know why im scheduled wednesday - sunday
no, i cant make it

got the cutesst bras a while ago
but no idea how to wear it
option #1? not too successful
i passed out and slept for 5 hours right after the attempt

bought new foundation and mascara from sephora today
hopefully theyre good
thanks sephora girl for helping me find the right foundation =)
credit card tab so far? 130

quick bbq tomorrow
plus mad packing

ps: sorry for stealingn your picture as my main fee, i'll put a watermark on it soon =)

1 comment:

aney, said...

I'll miss you babe. Hope we can get together when you get back so we can go to the beach to get a little tan - And perhaps we can do it up like how we did last year (beach and then CNE). Miss you already love and I hope you had fun last night dear... ;)