Thursday, November 26, 2009

somebody told me

fabulous weekend in toronto
got to see all the girlies, and ppl that i never get to see anymore

tees dinner @ moxies (yes i wear this shirt a lot shh)

curtis's house party

"they cook faster if you put them horizontally!"

new shoesssss!

just before we went out. forgot to get him to take a picture of me in my dress =( boo


prob last weekend in toronto until after exams
unless i crack and come back next weekend.

prob wont have much to blog about, therefore no more updates for a while?
good luck on finals everyone <3


Aney, said...

Oh, how I miss you love. I'm glad we had a little time to catch up the other weekend at Eatons! Good luck on finals and hopefully the girls can possibly get together for a Christmas dinner.

And the last picture is cute !! And have I mentioned how much I love your shoes from Zara yet? <3

b♥ said...

You got shoes from Zara and I hear this now? HELLO! I WORK THERE!