Monday, December 6, 2010

winter wonderland

umm.. huh? 

now you know what to expect of western 

where's my house?? 

selina carving out a path 

umm, where'd the stairs go? 

i love snow 

sorry for the shitty iphone camera quality 

haven't updated this thing in foreverrr
and i could promise to do better in the future
but lets face it
this is probably as periodic as i'll ever get

what i'm most ashamed though however is my lack of keeping up with friends
please forgive me?

life has been a whirlwind of events, school, and project
same as always though, nothing new
except however,
today was a snow day!
london has been hit with a copious amount of snow
like i've never seen this much white stuff in my life
i had the first mover (dis)advantage this morning going to class
carving out my own route to the bus stop
and it only got more exciting from there!

i'm officially home in 13 days
although this doesnt quite feel like exam time
havent been to toronto in forever though, and am quite looking forward to seeing the city in all its winter splendor
and of course, for the shopping!

cant wait to see the girls for christmas <3


shirley. said...

so much snow!! That's crazy! It's actually pretty mild in Toronto for now, miss you. See you when you're back ;)

Aney said...

"I've never seen this much white stuff in my life".... LOL I love you.

That's insane - all the snow. And then I peek out my windows and there's nothing on the ground haha. It seems exciting though!!! It reminds me of the high school days for some really odd reason haha.

I miss you so much dear. Can't wait to finally see you for the break!!! <3 Good luck on exams :)

b♥ said...

Ahh Aney beat me to it! I'm going to say it anyway...

"I've never seen this much white stuff in my life" --> that's what she said :D

rachel chen said...

You're always forgiven.