Sunday, June 5, 2011

ballerina aspirations

canada's national ballet school

celia franca: founder and former artistic director

old & new

lozinski house

patio for rent

original havergal college campus, now the academic building

Doors open toronto is something i look forward to every year
however, sleeping in on saturday mornings is something i look forward to every day of the week
so sadly i only managed to visit one building this year

growing up in a predominantly british environment
i had long held a fascination for ballerinas and the ballets
my dreams pretty much accumulated with a few years of classes when i was younger
but i never had the determination to commit to learning pointe
when i saw that the national ballet school of canada was on the list for doors open this year
and the amazing building it was housed in
the school was on top of my list
and consequently the only place i visited

the ballet school hosted guided tours around their gorgeous facilities
which had undergone a multi-million dollar renovation in the 2000s
it was fascinating to learn that even their floors had been carefully constructed to best support a growing dancer's body
we also came across associate level classes in the light filled studios (many of them had an entire wall of windows)

the school hosts three distinct programs:
- the professional program, which requires yearly auditions and trains highschool aged dancers for a life in a professional ballet company
- the associate program, which requires auditions but is more extracurricular
- the adult program, which is open for anyone interested of all ages

so what do you think?
should i rekindle my childhood dreams and enroll in some adult programs?


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