Friday, September 30, 2011

fall has the best colours

[silk shirt - club monaco; big knit sweater - american eagle; red skinnies - h&m; toms; arm party - casio watch, assorted bracelets] 

with the drop in temperature
i've been craving big thick knit sweaters to pile on my self in search of warmth and comfort
i wouldve loved this sweater more if it was long sleeved
but for now, it'll do

had a surprisingly busy week off from school
running back and forth to different meetings with different people is a ton more confusing than attending classes
dragged my self out of bed this morning (at noon) for a quick teleconference on campus and am now burried under the covers again
seriously no more going out on thursdays

western homecoming this weekend, but i'm surprisingly not feeling it
the combo of cold weather, rain, and muddiness has really put me off
instead of being out and dressed in copius amount of purple
i'll probably be in bed nursing a steaming cup of tea
i can probably reliably take this as a sign of my advanced age

so happy news to report; i'm done recruiting!
had the most hectic and stressful week of my life
but in the end i learned so much and it was worth it 100 times over


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Aney Mei said...

Hi pretty lady! Just saw this post - you should update more often ;) You look gorgeous in the red skinnies!

Btw, how are toms? Are they comfy? I heard they don't last too long though :(

Happy thanksgiving love <3