Tuesday, May 22, 2012

the people we used to be

some of my favourites <3 
hat - gap; dress - urban outfitters; shoes - h&m; bag - marc by marc jacobs; bangle - bimba&lola; accessories - assorted 

tide & vine - fresh seafood; caplanskys - deli food with a twist, hanks's bbq - bbq specialties  

risotto rice balls, bbq pulled chicken slider, toasted ravioli, smoked meat poutine 
lumber jack grilled cheese - with apples & smoked bacon, one of the day's favourites 
oysters, reuben spring rolls 
fish tacos, another favourite 
pulled pork parfait, mint lemonade 

spent part of the gorgeous long weekend with some of my favourite girls at the "food truck eats" festival down at the peller estate winery in niagara falls
the day couldn't have been more perfect; weather & company wise
i've grown up with these girls and honestly can't imagine life without them
forever thankful to have such amazing people in my life <3


Aney Mei said...

He'll never know ... haha The pictures turned out great - I'm seriously eye-ing that point-and-shoot now.

I'm so glad that we have finally moved back into time - I really enjoy your company as well as the other girls. I can admit that we did drift for a period (I blame the distance - I feel as though I drifted from everyone .. but terrance lolll). Thankful for you and the rest of the girls <3 More weekend dates/trips to come!

Aney Mei said...