Tuesday, May 15, 2012

restaurant review: grand electric

seasonal menu

kitschy decor

beef cheek, baja fish, spicy arbol chicken, and pork belly tacos

beef cheek taco, my fav!

ensaladelle electrico - it had coke reduction dressing!

tuna ceviche

giant churro

my man friend is a bit of a hipster foodie
so to celebrate his big 2-5
we went to the very hipster, very foodie Grand Electric in Parkdale, Toronto

Grand Electric is one of those restaurants that makes you feel special for having found the place and scored a seat -- arriving at 5:50 on a saturday saw a line of about 40 people waiting for the restaurant to open
firmly holding a no reservations policy, the waitlist allows a phone number to hold your spot instead of having to physically wait in line
smart policy since the wait was promised to be about 2 hours, there is absolutely no place to wait inside the teeny restaurant, and parkdale (despite the scenic name) is still on the other side of beautification and doesnt offer much in terms of time-wasting browsing

surprisingly in light of the hype surrounding grand electric, it turned out to be one of those restaurants that promises nothing and delivers beyond expectation
first good sign: the wait was only about an hour
second good sign: the prices were really reasonable

the food turned out to be somewhat spectacular
after watching all those food truck shows on foodnetwork, what grand electric served was what i imagined a really gourmet food truck would offer
my favourite was the beefcheek taco and tuna ceviche, both of which i strongly recommend
all the items we tried were packed full of flavour, super fresh, and surprisingly filling
(only deviation is the fish taco, which isnt the most flavorful of the bunch)
overall, i quite enjoyed the unassuming atmosphere and attentive service

Grand Electric
1330 Queen St West, Toronto M6K 1L4
(416) 627 - 3459
$70 dinner for two with deers, dessert, tax, and tip
note: no credit cards, but they do accept debit

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