Thursday, September 10, 2009

love in vain

finally moved in and all that
already feels like i've been here forever
miss the city and all you lovelies very very much though
and so sad to be missing out on tiff =(

first day of classes today!
had only one class, business, and its already seeming way intense
we have assignments like every day, midterm on HALLOWEEN, and a feasibility study where we have to invent up a company
and thats only one class,
since my goal is to focus harder on school, i really wanna start early and keep on top of things

was way way homesick last night, but whatever, i'll figure it out
lol honestly dont know how to do this long distance thing =(

porchclimb tomorrow, and not sure what else for the weekend
exciting to see everyone again!

the shelves

my bathroom, where light bulbs blow out for no reason

a little messy already


Aney, said...

Sweeet, I love the room babe! And I miss you already :(( I'm homesick toooo .. ahh

f.chiu said...

holy your room is amazing. so big and you have your own washroom?! (Y) i wish i could be homesick. im sick of my home -___- omg, long distance :O