Saturday, September 26, 2009

pull me back to the ground again

have missed all you girls entirely too much
wishes i was back in toronto =(
sorry for the lack of updates lately, mom has my better camera, and everything has just been so busy lately
plus my rant blog has been getting overworked
i still have a gazillion application forms to deal with, but this is more important =)

lol in case any one was wondering if im starving
not quite, im pulling through =)

two recent purchases
not sure if i should keep them yet, esp in sight of my ginormous visa bill
any opinions?

love you girls and miss you lots <333
cant wait for thanksgiving!

1 comment:

f.chiu said...

wow is that your food??? did you make that all? Good job!! They all look so good and so filling!! i love the large portions of veggies. LOL
i like the heels, but the dress thing? can't see it too clear unless you try it on ;)

I'm sad I don't get access to your rant blog anymore! lol. rant to me on msn, anytime :D <3