Thursday, September 3, 2009

nothing like your neighbourhood ...

finally picked up my school year planner/agenda
and i LOVE LOVE agendas
too bad the covers kinda bland
chapters had the cutest one, but their pages weren't lined
and i obviously cant write straight

went to the beach yesterday and got SUPER TANNED
like unbelievably tanned
now i have gross tan lines
id take a picture and show you guys
but then it be me naked

went to sushi after
and who do we find at much music?
wtfs stereos you ask?
well, we didnt know either
(which made me feel super old btw)
but its that little band with that duop duop song?
summer girl?
yeah you feel old too now dont you

too fucking much food

but we (he) finished it all!

omgosh STEREO!

saw time travellers wife today
so super sad
but not my favourite movie
it was kinda confusing
and kinda weird
but still nice

busy days comming up
with moving and all that
september is always kinda sad

but before that
girls night out tomorrow!
although i have nothing to wear
but who cares, i'll just wear nothing =)

btw is it just me, or is f21 stuff always just a bit off?
like it looks so nice on the hanger
but something about it just doenst fit right?

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iamgeneric said...

Girls night out that I didn't know about! Unless by girls you mean not us. Then I don't need to know about it (: