Tuesday, April 20, 2010

just havent met you yet

super old pictures from that glorious saturday during easter weekend...

does anyone else think it looks like a chef with a big nose?

too bad the weather wasn't as glorious by the time we got here. we moved inside after this picture =(

super yumm

my 1st time trying pistachio gelato, too bad someone else was hogging it >=\

so i was sad

and occupied myself with this magnificent desert display

and he ate it ALL (kay not really)

super late on the posting of these pictures
but really, is anyone surprised at me?

spent that amazing day wandering around downtown
came across this pair of marc by marc jacobs shades that i loved
but it just didnt feel right buying them just yet
esp in the face of my massive visa bill
i dread the 10th of every month, seriously

by the time we walked our way to little itlay, we were both starving
had the best paninis, def would recommend
as we relaxed in the cozy restaurant
the weather outside got increasingly worse
but we were determined to get gelato as planned
and thank god we did
my first time trying pistachio gelato was a def success
cant wait for summer to come around so i can get more

walked to christie st after to head back uptown,
and it was honestly like the end of the world
i dont know if any of you guys remember that night
but holy
walking through the tiny neighbourhood street
with the banging garbage bin lids
i thought it was a hurricane
wish i took some pictures
it was nice of him to block wind for me =)

im gonna update soon with the names of the restaurant and gelato place
honestly, when im with him i just give up on any attempts at navigation

done most of my finals
will actually learning about all the fascinating diseases in my immunology class
def planning on doing a minor in it at the very least
one more next wednesday
so coming home for a bit
cant wait till summer!


Aney said...

The panini and gelato looks yum. Definitely need to tell me where these places are so I can try them out in the Summer ;). Miss you so much!! Hope you update more so I can keep up with you. He's the sweetest, thank god you two are together :) I'm looking forward to the summer so I can spend more time with you girlies. Good luck with your last exam and I hope all the other went well! I have two more and then I'm done.. but I start school again May 3rd -_-'. sigh.

Aney said...

Oh, did I mention how cute you look in that picture HAHA. You're cute and corny. "He ate it all, so I was sad" womp womp. You're the cutest :) hehe

b♥ said...

Dear Annie,

You're just too adorable. I miss you.

Love always,