Friday, April 9, 2010

when it rains, it pours

food from the weekend

random much?

LOL =)

cutest thing ever 
hes a labbit; frankfurt

way overdue pictures from caisa fashion show weekend
didnt actually make it to the fashion show
but the after party was just as good
esp since it gave me a chance to take the f21 dress out for a spin
i hate that being out of town for schools results in me missing out on all the nice clothes
so this dress was def a grab and hold on for dear life moment

got the cutest stuffed animal from him
i dont know how mustaches became our thing, but i guess its stuck now
lol and no i dont know what hes looking at

i'm having mixed feelings about the rain
being splashed by cars and getting wet is def not fun
but i kinda love the way everything smells after the rain
plus, it makes staying inside so much more attractive
which hopefully will induce some studying

last class of sophmore year tomorrow!
cant believe this year is actually over
thinking back, this year was actually incredible
but, lets through finals first?

love, and good luck every one!

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