Thursday, March 25, 2010

the cheesiest lines are the best

sorry for the weird face. its kinda 2am.. and well.. thats my only excuse
random shopping trip and this weekend's events prompted this impulse purchase
i had seen the long sleeve lace dress in a few pictures and thought it interesting, except,
what underwear can you possibly wear 
and that's the problem im having right now
i tried it with a slip, but since my slip isnt skin tight,
its looking a little weird

so really, the question comes down to
to keep or not ?


Aney said...

Keep it dear! You can always through on a lace bra underneath/bandeau and wear it with lace shorts. Or just pair it with a pair of tights that aren't see through! You look hot in it and definitely something you can wear for a girls night outing :)

rachel chen said...

I agree! Keep it! Trust, you'll find something to wear under that looks great. As for the underwear part I second the non-see through tights, or leggings or some bootay shorts.
Nice legs.

b♥ said...

Oh my gawd it's so nice! I was looking for the underwear to figure out if it's lace or not. I think I found it. :D

Krislyn said...

GORGEOUS dress. keep it! it has such a flattering cut and it's super sexy. love.