Monday, May 3, 2010

still, i am passing through

lately our dates have been kinda aimless
so on saturday we pretty much just walked around downtown to enjoy the nice weather
even though the sky looked like it was gonna rain soon
the temperature was still good, and it felt a lot like summer

we ended up in liberty village,
a little west of bathrust and king area

balzac's cafe
(the only reason i remembered the name is cause i .. googled)
its in the building of an old toy factory that's been converted into lofts
i cant say how good the coffee was because my knowledge in the area is largely from tim hortons 
but the cafe was absolutely gorgeous 

walking through liberty village
wish i could've taken pictures of the pretty little townhouses 
except.. residents prob would've called crime stoppers on me 

i loved that this old bank was now a restaurant 
i also loved the chandeliers

a dog park (stanley park i think?)
everyone around there seemed to have a dog 

this cheese shop on queen

know that show hoarders?
this was hoarders, turned into a store
except everything packed in here was actually really interesting
from chandelier beads to old school recording microphones to paintings
it really had it all

my original plan was to embark on a cupcake tour
but due to my shopping addiction (thanks bee!), things were a bit delayed 
and only one bakery was visited
it was called "for the love of cake"
and i was kinda disappointed with how small it was, and expected more variety 
it was definitely more of a order place 

the two cupcakes we had were still very good
this is an almond one with a blackberry and blackberry filling

a guinness chocolate cupcake 
not sure if there was a filling 
hopefully there's lots more cupcakes to come 

being home has been sorta.. underwhelming
it seems that all i do is eat and sleep
and im feeling very lethargic

im also feeling a bit displaced
is it weird for a long distance relationship to suddenly become.. not long distance?

on the to do list:
- see my fav girls, pronto
- try out sushi island
- put up my clothes for sale. any $ would be lovely
- shop shop shop and put some color in my wardrobe. no more blacks!

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