Sunday, May 9, 2010

being right takes too long

trying something new with the outfit posting (since i've now got all this free time on my hands)
not a particularly interesting one
threw it on for desert with a friend
really wanted to show you this adorable bag from zara (thanks bee!)

(dress - guess, bag - zara, necklace - tiffanys & gift, bracelet - h&m)

the zara bag
im also absolutely in love with the h&m bracelet in the prev picture, and will def take a detailed picture soon

go for tea with a friend, tankard much?
chug, chug, chug!

the famed sushi island finally 

at the most random location, a tiny store front in little italy 
but omfg, amazing ayce sushi 
i usually dont like shirmp tempura too much, but this place was the best, freshest with the least excess batter
too bad we ordered so much that i can barely remeber how everything tasted 

such a good way of doing yam tempura!

we always tend to order way to much. this is prob half of it 

after spending hours looking at books
sat lunch with him at a vegetarian place in the annex 
loved this idea of putting water in retro milk bottles with a slice of lemon 
i kinda wanna just do this all the time now 

sweet potato fries

his wrap of some sort 

i committed the ultimate faux-pas by ordering just a smoothie 
the waitress looked at me like i was anorexic 
truth is, i actually just ate lunch at home 

cupcakes from the cupcake shoppe from him
not as good as for the love of cake 

but quite cute 
thanks =)

my funny mom woke me up at 8am for her present

so while she looked through everything, i promptly fell back asleep 
flowers and cake for mothers day
happy mothers day! - love you mom


idle-ness doenst particularily suit me
i've pretty much been extremely bored whenever at home this week
esp since day time tv sucks
neverthe less, it was amazing to spend the week doing absolutely nothing
except of course, shopping and seeing my favourite girls - wish i have pictures!
(and to the rest of you.. please see me soon!)

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