Monday, March 1, 2010

dreaming of spring

not many updates lately because, not much goes on in my life 
wish i actually used my camera, and id have bunches of pictures from reading week

went to the newest club in london last thursday
its literally in the middle of a bunch of apartment buildings, looks like a damn frat house from the outside
inside however, was absolutely GORGEOUS
too bad the music was kinda sucky

blink and you'll miss it
its march already!
pretty much one more month till finals
and then second year is done
before then however, its a slew of midterms, presentations, and endless assignments
id list them, but really, whats the point

whats really on my mind is
- summer clothes /shopping
- summer temperature
- possible vacations
- wandering around markets, buying tulips by the bunches and bunches
- a summer jobbbb

until then, only pictures can tide me over
summer anticipating


b♥ said...

Two words. New. York.

Nathalie said...

The pictures look great. The setting seems fantastic

Jonesy said...

Great pics! You look great.

Great blog : )

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