Friday, March 12, 2010

im only gonna break your heart

if you fall for me 
im not easy to please
i may tear you apart 
i told you from the start 

my favouritest song right now
(i'll prob play it to death for a week)
despite the weird lyrics 
it sounds exactly like summer

these days
i can barely rmber to put makeup on my face before im out the door
without a doubt i look like i rolled out of bed after a night of too little sleep
im pretty sure they can smell the exhaustion on me

im def enjoying the lovely weather though, even the rain
as long as its warm right?
the nicer weather almost makes the library marathons worth it

after spending 8 hours barely moving from one spot
(my cubicle loves me, i think)
im currently taking a bit of a break to eat and shower
im always way more less productive after coming home

you know you've got a problem when youre only marginally interested in clothes
right now, im actually more obsessed with the different ways to sequence DNA
(must they digest and clone them SO many times?)
but here are some absolutely amazing pieces from emanual ungara spring and fall rtw that i came across on my phone when bored out of my mind in class one day



b♥ said...

I love the last three dresses. Simple yet stunning. And how much do I love the shoes? Yeah, I have a shoe fetish. My mom won't let me buy anymore boots so thank goodness summer is here! Sandals, here I come!

Lima said...

I like the printed top (pic 2) and my guilty pleasure pick would be the pink bandage dress (2nd from last) :)

Aney said...

The weather definitely makes everything slightly better, even studying. I don't feel miserable walking around campus anymore, as long as the sun is out lol. I love the picks from the collection especially the bodycon bandage dress!