Sunday, March 21, 2010

im not just anybody...

i've been to london, i've been to paris
even went out there to tokyo
back home down in georgia to new orleans
but you always steal the show
- nothing on you, b.o.b

kinda grainy, but its the only picture i have with a friend that i never really get to see anymore

no outfit pics, cause lets be honest, i can barely be bothered to get myself dressed these days 

since my last blog,
- i've been conquered by justin beiber. that stupid baby song with ludacris
- im completely addicted to this nothing on you song
- i finished midterms and a huge poster presentation thing
- my computer is on the verge of breaking down
- my printer is hating on me hard
- i've come to realize that years of friendship doesn't mean as much to some people, and figured they don't really deserve any sort of feelings on my part
- i saw a bunch of half naked ppl backstage at a fashion show
- i really need a tan
- im excited for this weekend, just a little. i dont want to jinx it.
- im missing you girls a lot

i'd really rather be watching friends right now and sipping tea
instead assignments are kinda ruing my life



Aney said...

Aw, you'll pull through! I hope you're feeling better love. Totally wish I could be coming up this weekend but I can't :( We definitely need to get together for ANYTHING soon. I'm really looking forward to the summer with you girls - beach and walks down queen st. :) miss you babe!

rachel chen said...

I miss you! The last five years of friendship have meant so much to me. I have no idea what I'd do without you there. By the way, you're secured a spot as a bridesmaid in the future. But you already knew that. Can't wait til you're home again.