Sunday, May 13, 2012

threw a wish in a well

our beauty of a boat from the distance

towel animals are the best cruise mascot! love
so much love - first day, still pale


first time, of course i'd fall in

barbadian rum, so delish, and so deadly

my pet

st lucia!
he loved cinnamon toast crunch

peurto rico - notice a colour change?

for spring break this year,
i took my very first caribbean vacation with some of my faves at school 
it was a magical time, islands hopping courtesy of a giant cruise boat 
unforgettable time indeed, with unforgetabble people 

on another note
something i promise pretty much every school break 
i really really want to dust the dust of the old blog and get to it more! 
now that i've graduated and have pretty much zero to do all summer 
perhaps it'll be a more attainable goal? 
here's to hoping! 

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b♥ said...

That's you in the last picture? But you didn't look that tanned when I saw you last!